About FantasyData.com Company

In the months leading up to the 2006 NFL season, Scott Gimpel, an NFL enthusiast and software developer, spent hours searching for a robust, affordable source for detailed pro football data. To his dismay, he found every potential data source to be incomplete, unreliable, or woefully expensive. In response, he started working out a solution of his own.

Scott Gimpel, FantasyData.com CEO
Scott Gimpel, CEO

Fast-forward to 2007. Scott decided to make his solution available to the public, and...BOOM! FantasyData.com was born!

Since then, FantasyData.com has grown steadily, and continues to do so. Indeed, FantasyData.com solutions now power an impressive variety of fantasy football services and applications, including full fantasy football leagues, league comissioner tools, fantasy football advice websites, and NFL pick’em games. We invite you to join hundreds of existing FantasyData.com customers in making full use of our our affordable, developer-friendly solutions while contributing to FantasyData.com’s history!


  • Summer 2007: We began collecting data and developing FantasyData.com, with PayPal as our payment processor.
  • January 2008: We launched FantasyData.com, opening up our doors for business!
  • February 2008: Our first customer—who is located in the UK - purchased our NFL Team Historical Data.
  • Customers continued to come on board during the offseason, while we worked to develop our fantasy (player) database.
  • Shortly thereafter, we began offering weekly updates (which were emailed out at the time), and we generated enough income to move the business forward throughout the next offseason. Meanwhile, we continued to make small enhancements to our entire product line.
  • February 2010: We redesigned our website, greatly improving its structure and content.
  • We began showing samples of our data on our site, allowing users to see a preview of what they were purchasing.
  • We built a solution that allows users to login to our website and download data, instead of receiving it via email.
  • In time for the 2010 season, we developed a simple SOAP web service, allowing customers to pull data automatically from our web servers, without the need to login and download manually.
  • FantasyData.com grew steadily leading up to the 2011 season, and we continued to make incremental enhancements to our services.
  • Summer 2012: In this milestone year, we launched a beautiful, fully redesigned, world class website hosted on the Rackspace Cloud.
  • At the same time, we launched a fully rebuilt RESTful web service API, immediately generating a lot of buzz among existing customers.
  • December 2012: FantasyData.com began offering real-time player statistics through its API in BETA.
  • April 2013: FantasyData.com launched a new checkout service and account portal, allowing customers to complete purchases without leaving FantasyData.com, while providing them with a single location from which to manage subscriptions and downloads.
  • Also in April, FantasyData.com partnered with Apiphany to scale the FantasyData API and launch a developer portal with interactive documentation and code samples.