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Don't overpay for sports data.

Whatever your data needs, you'll be covered with FantasyData's API solutions. We track events in real time— continuously updating our database— while your servers pull data from our RESTful API. Pricing is dependent on what sports leagues you need coverage for, as well as whether you need live or post-game data. Don't take our word for it; test drive our API with a free trial today!

Why FantasyData?

  • Month-to-month, no contracts.
  • Bullet proof accuracy. Guaranteed.
  • Fully documented open API allows full transparency.
  • The best customer support in the industry.
  • Every data point you need to run your fantasy games.

What's Included?

Your monthly subscription allows you to use our robust API to pull high-quality, frequently updated sports content in XML or JSON formats. Pricing depends on which sports leagues you need coverage for, in addition to whether you require real time updates or post-game. We also offer a developer license, which sends scrambled statistics and includes our world class customer support.

  • Developer - Includes scrambled data for all sports leagues with an unlimited number of API calls. This solution is great if you’re still developing your website or application, as it allows you develop and test with no commitment.
  • Post-Game - Includes post-game scores and stats updated within an hour of game end. This is an ideal, cost-effective solution if your website or application doesn’t require a live data feed. Includes unlimited API calls.
  • Live - Includes live, in-progress scores and stats at a delay of less than 30 second from the live action. This is the ultimate solution to power your fantasy games, as the updates are available as quickly as you can consume them.

Developer Portal

At, we believe that APIs should be open and available for anyone to use. That’s why we maintain a developer portal, where our thorough API documentation is available to you at all times, before you even pay us a dime. Your developers will love this.

Use Cases

Fantasy Football Commissioner Tools & Games

Example: RotoPop
Before the NFL season begins, fantasy football commissioner tools use FantasyData API solutions to import comprehensive player-specific data into their services, where rankings and fantasy statistics are made available to league commissioners during fantasy drafts. Then, as the season progresses, FantasyData API solutions continue to provide updates during and after games, providing commissioners with accurate, official statistics for fantasy scoring.

Fantasy Football Advice Websites

Examples:   FantasyOmatic   FantasyMatchup
Fantasy football advice websites use FantasyData API solutions to pull detailed NFL player-specific data into their databases, where they apply their own algorithms to pit each player’s prior performance against the strength of an opposing defense. The result is a projection of each player’s performance for the upcoming week.

NFL Pick'em Games

Example: iPick Football
NFL Pick’em games use FantasyData API solutions to seamlessly pull live and post-game NFL results into their data sets. Their own code takes it from there, determining game winners and tallying up users’ points.