NFL Team Rankings

Detailed NFL team stats and rankings provide insight into which NFL teams are the best in different aspects of the game. You can sort and filter the team statistical data to reveal which teams are most successful in various phases of professional NFL football.

TeamPtsYdsAvgRush YdsAvgPass YdsAvgInt PctSck Pct1st3rd Pct4th PctPunt RetKick RetPunt AvgPunt Net AvgXP PctFG Pct
Pittsburgh Steelers181831393164121111111
New England Patriots237101136122312581110
New Orleans Saints3421212221156128323119
Philadelphia Eagles42271051113115371111
Carolina Panthers59556451104484112117
Jacksonville Jaguars61101511717874118101111
Kansas City Chiefs711411474111109118411111
Atlanta Falcons871168109199114898111
Tennessee Titans868229108121054674111
Minnesota Vikings85899681035211111121218
Los Angeles Rams1110641811181010101065111
Buffalo Bills12121236121212678171061121