NFL Team Rankings

Detailed NFL team stats and rankings provide insight into which NFL teams are the best in different aspects of the game. You can sort and filter the team statistical data to reveal which teams are most successful in various phases of professional NFL football.

TeamPtsYdsAvgRush YdsAvgPass YdsAvgInt PctSck Pct1st3rd Pct4th PctPunt RetKick RetPunt AvgPunt Net AvgXP PctFG Pct
Atlanta Falcons131571111101171910171
New England Patriots24571122874478291081
Green Bay Packers31364351043643627111
Dallas Cowboys3712153762276122111
Seattle Seahawks557128642531914591
Pittsburgh Steelers6233374312657711124101
Houston Texans76114710102889741081111
Kansas City Chiefs8119104111151191011176611
Oakland Raiders9121291012121591252578112
New York Giants10868648991181104111211
Detroit Lions11109129991131211711843111
Miami Dolphins1198111266617655319111