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Soccer Data API

For Soccer, we will have Post-Game, Live and Real-Time Subscriptions based on the latency you need for your requirements. Our data is available in XML, JSON and CSV format and can be consumed by downloading from our website or pulling from our Web API. All subscriptions will allow clients to use HTTP(S) Pull from our industry leading cloud API.

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Please note this subscription includes scrambles scores/stats, which means they are slightly altered from the official stats. Please feel free to test our API by signing up for a free trial at the link below to access 1K API calls/month.

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Available Soccer Competitions / Leagues

ID Key Area Name Type Format Projections/Salaries
1 EPL England Premier League Club Domestic League Yes
2 DEB Germany Bundesliga Club Domestic League Yes
4 ESP Spain Primera Division Club Domestic League Yes
5 ARP Argentina Superliga Argentina Club Domestic League Yes
6 ITSA Italy Serie A Club Domestic League Yes
7 NLE Netherlands Eredivisie Club Domestic League Yes
8 MLS United States MLS Club Domestic League Yes
12 LMX Mexico Liga MX Club Domestic League Yes
13 FRL1 France Ligue 1 Club Domestic League Yes
15 BRSA Brazil Série A Club Domestic League Yes
19 AUA Australia A League Club Domestic League Yes
3 UCL Europe UEFA Champions League Club International Cup Yes
9 UEL Europe UEFA Europa League Club International Cup Yes
10 COPA South America Copa America International International Cup Yes
14 RFPL Russia RFPL Club Domestic League No
23 FPD Costa Rica Campeonato JPS Club Domestic League No
20 COLI South America Copa Libertadores Club International Cup No
22 COSA South America Copa Sudamericana Club International Cup No
11 ACN Africa Africa Cup of Nations International International Cup No
16 EUC Europe European Championship International International Cup No
17 UEQ Europe UEFA Euro Qualification International International Cup No
18 NCAG N/C America CONCACAF Gold Cup International International Cup No
21 FIFA World FIFA World Cup International International Cup No
24 IND India Indian Super League Club Domestic League No
25 FIFAF World FIFA Friendlies International International Cup No

For the above leagues and cups, we have comprehensive coverage, including the following:

League Coverage

  • Fixtures
  • Teams
  • Venues
  • Schedules
  • Scores
  • Standings
  • Rosters
  • Box Scores
  • Referees, Coaches & Captains
  • Lineups, Substitutions & Suspensions
  • Goals, Assists, Bookings & Penalty Shootouts
  • News

Fantasy Data

  • Fantasy Points
  • DraftKings Salaries & Points
  • Mondogoal Salaries & Points

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