Projected Fantasy Points Comparison & Rankings

For select leagues that we cover at FantasyData, we ingest projections from multiple third parties and/or create our own in-house projections. For full transparency of the accuracy of these projections, we've provided the report below, which aggregates the accuracy of said projections. Our ranking system for projections is fairly simple to understand. We use the DraftKings fantasy scoring system as the baseline to rank said projections. Then, we calculate the total point differential of each projection source, to come up with a percentage of how close each source came to the actual values. Enjoy the informatio below.

Record Inclusion

In order to keep these comparisons as fair and agnostic as possible, we only include records with the following criteria:

  • All projection sources provided a non-zero projection record for this player
  • FanDuel and/or DraftKings provided a salary for this player
  • The game is over and the fantasy points are final


Time Frame  

Projection Comparison Results


Important Note: Please note that the percentages below indicate which source came closer to the actual points scored, so the lower numbers are more accurate sources.