Frequently Asked Questions

Scrambled Data

What does "scrambled" data mean?

A data point that is scrambled is randomly adjusted up or down between 5% and 20% from the actual value. Certain data points like scores and game stats are scrambled, while all other data points, like schedules, teams and players are not scrambled.

This allows customers to start their integration before having to upgrade to one of our premium API subscriptions.

You can check if a data point is scrambled or not in the 5th column of our Data Dictionary.

Data Collection and Validation

How do you collect your data?

We collect data using a variety of methods. The high level workflow below summarizes our process.

  • For real time coverage, we have a team of statisticians watching games and entering data into our system.
  • We employ a separate quality control team to monitor the data, looking for any discrepancies.
  • Finally, in case our QC team misses anything, we use web crawlers to cross-check our data against the official stats published on public facing websites.

How accurate is your data?

Becuase our stats are used to power fantasy contests for cash, they need to be 100% accurate, and in line with the league's official stats. While we can't guarantee perfect stats while an event is in progress, we guarantee accuracy after the event has been over for a period of 12-24 hours.

Do you handle mid-week corrections by the NFL?

Yes. These can be published as late as Thursday, so in some cases, our database won't reflect midweek corrections until Fridays. Although, we have most of them made by Wednesday/Thursday.

Where do you get your odds information?

Our odds data is based on a formula calculating a weighted average from a few of the largest online casinos. It's similar to and


Are there any legal issues related to selling the NFL’s data?

There have been several court cases over the past couple decades that suggest that sports leagues do not own the results of their contests. This includes, but is not limited to scores and stats. Feel free to do your own research and review the links below.

How are we allowed to use your data?

Our data feeds are licensed for unlimited commercial use under a single brand, with the exception of the following:

  • No redistribution  If you'd like to redistribute our feeds, please contact our sales team and we can discuss a specific arrangement that will accommodate you.
  • White Label Fantasy Games  If you're running multiple websites and/or mobile apps under different brands, then you'd need to procure one FantasyData API License per brand. An example of this is a white label fantasy platform provider. Such provider would develop an unbranded turnkey fantasy application, and license it out to various clients with their own branding.