Content Lifecycle

Content Schedule

Data in our 2013 Updates and FantasyData API products is updated according to the following schedule:

  • Updated daily  schedules, rosters, depth charts
  • Updated within an hour after game end  scores, standings, box scores, stats (team, player and fantasy defense)
  • Updated during games*  scores, box scores, stats (team, player and fantasy defense)
  • Updated several times per day  odds, injury reports
  • Updated 24/7  news
  • *This applies only to Live and Real Time FantasyData API subscribers, or customers who purchase our custom FTP/HTTP solutions.

Content Availability


  • The scores data feed shows all past, present and future games. Columns indicate whether each game has started, is in progress, or is completed, allowing you to track each game’s lifecycle.
  • The point spread and over/under are updated during the week as odds change.


  • Since injury data is a relatively new addition to our products, it only covers 2011 and 2012.
  • We track injury data starting on Wednesdays and continuing until official inactive reports are released, one hour before kickoff.


  • Projected stats are available every Tuesday afternoon before 2 P.M. EST
  • Daily fantasy salaries are updated every Tuesday morning by 11 A.M. EST
  • The 2013 schedule will be loaded within 48 hours after the NFL makes it available.
  • Rookies are loaded within 7 days of the NFL Draft.
  • Average Draft Position (ADP) rankings are available before or around June 1st.
  • We will be covering the NFL preseason for testing purposes only. This will allow you, as well as us, to test with live info and real world scenarios during that time.
  • We are working on a way to implement live game simulations, although it’s not available just yet.

Daily Fantasy Salaries

  • NFL  FD, DK & Yahoo salaries are made available every Tuesday morning by 8am ET
  • MLB/NBA/NHL  FD, DK & Yahoo salaries are made available every morning, as early as 2am ET for the upcoming day's games
  • Golf  DK salaries are available within a couple hours after DraftKings releases them, usually Monday or Tuesday morning for a tournament starting on Thursday