Ryan McBroom

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0.067 549th
0 531st
0.325 295th
0.721 314th
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Height / Weight
6' 3" / 235 lbs.
Date of Birth (Age)
4/9/1992 (28)

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Ryan McBroom Goes Deep Again

Kansas City Royals first baseman Ryan McBroom drilled his third home run of spring training on Saturday, raising his average to .345 in the process. A year after he scuffled terribly for the Yankees in spring training, McBroom has turned it around and is hammering opposing pitchers. In a cup of coffee last September, McBroom hit .293 in the bigs after he joined the Royals, but he has yet to launch one out of the park in a regular season game. For now, it's looking like he might be joining a first base platoon with Ryan O'Hearn while the team experiments to see who will perform best at the major league level.

over 2 months ago
Ryan McBroom Is On A Little Streak

Kansas City Royals outfielder/first baseman Ryan McBroom smacked a single and scored the team's only run in their loss to the A's on Tuesday, but more importantly, he got a hit for the fifth straight game in which he's started. McBroom is the product of a late-season trade made with the Yankees, and there's some interest around him because he demolished Triple-A this season after struggling for years. According to McBroom, he's always been a late bloomer, and that's why he didn't find his swing until he was 27. Suspiciously, that exactly coincided with when MLB's juiced baseball made its way to Triple-A as well, but for now, he's getting his chance in the bigs. If he can continue to hit well, he could be a product of interest in the spring.

over 6 months ago