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About FantasyData

Real Time Sports Data

FantasyData is a leading provider of sports data, covering thousands of events throughout the year, and serving fantasy, media and data analytics clients worldwide. Our mission is to collect and distribute the fastest and most accurate data, made available in easy-to-use formats. From fantasy start-ups to enterprise organizations, FantasyData’s comprehensive content is helping companies and industries the world over.

At FantasyData, we believe that ease-of-integration is paramount to allowing clients to succeed. Our data feeds are the most intuitive, self-explanatory sports data feeds available. Our open APIs and detailed documentation allows clients to assess our feeds and complete the majority of integration before spending any budget money.

Historical Data

At FantasyData, we also provide data for anlaytical and predictive use. We sell historical sports data, which includes scores, odds, player/team stats, play-by-play information, injury reports, DFS salaries, and more.

Fantasy Player Tools

If you're looking for an edge to win your fantasy league or win cash playing DFS (daily fantasy sports) at FanDuel, DraftKings or Yahoo, then we offer tools for that as well. In the NFL Stats section of our website, you'll find a wealth of fantasy information in tabular format, including Fantasy Projections, IDP Fantasy Leaders, Player Snap Counts, DFS Salaries, and much more. You can go Premium or PremiumPlus and enjoy the ability to export large amounts of fantasy stats & data to Excel.