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How Does This Work?

When you join the FantasyData Affiliate Program, you will be given a unique Affiliate Code that you can use to track referral traffic from your website to ours. That code can be used within links and banner ads. When a user clicks on one of these links, they are brought to our website and their activity is tracked by our affiliate software. For every user that signs up to FantasyData from your affiliate link or banner, you receive 25% commission on first order purchases.

How To Join?

  1. Apply - Signing up for FantasyData's affiliate program is free to join, easy to signup and requires almost no technical knowledge. Take 5 minutes to fill out some basic information about you and how you plan to promote us. Applicants are often approved in 48 hours or less.
  2. Promote - Use FantasyData's advertising banners, text links and suggested copy to get the word out about our promotes and features. If you're a podcast, you can get branded promo codes to
  3. Get Paid - For every user that signs up to FantasyData from your affiliate link or banner, you receive 25% commission on first order purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I get paid?

Answer: Once you have reached the $100 milestone, we will send you a check or pay you through PayPal at the first of the month.

Question:  How long is the cookie rate?

Answer: The cookie rate, which is the time period that an affiliate will still earn a commission for a sale after someone clicks on an affiliate link, is 30 days

Question: Where do other partners promote FantasyData?

Answer: Some of our partners run large fantasy sports content websites. Some are social media influencers. Some leverage their email lists and podcasts.  All are viable strategies.

Question: Can I talk to someone?

Answer: Yes, please send your questions to:

How do I use my Affiliate Code?

Linking to FantasyData:

Simply append your affiliate code the the end of the url:

Linking to a research table:

When writing an article or blog post that is referencing the stats on, sort & filter the desired table to create the unique URL, then add your affiliate code to the end of that URL.

For example, if you're writing about fantasy points earned in the red zone during Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season.

  1. Navigate to our NFL fantasy stats page.
  2. Set the relevant filters (by game, 2017 season, regular season, week 3, red zone)
  3. Copy the url from your browser:
  4. And finally, append your affiliate code to the end of the url:

Links in banner ads or logos:

To use your affiliate code in a banner ad or FantasyData logo, simply select the image you'd like to use from our affiliate assets and ensure that your code is included in the link url.

Here is a sample using one of our banner ads:

<a href="" target="_blank">
    <img src="{ your site }/affiliates/banners/static/300xx250.jpg">

Link in the FantasyData widget:

To use your affiliate code in the FantasyData widget, go to our sports widgets page and enter your affiliate code into the relevant text box.

Promo Codes

Please contact us to discuss discounts and promo codes for your affiliate program!

What is the fine print?

By signing up and participating in our affiliate program, you agree to our Affiliate Agreement. Please contact us if you have any questions about participating in our Affiliate Program.