T.J. Besler

Top 10 Second Basemen Rankings

With second base being a shallow position, ranking them is not easy. Once you get beyond the few sure things, it becomes a bit difficult to predict how everything will shake out. Still, that doesn’t stop us from trying. With some players changing teams and others switching positions, many wild …

Top 10 Pitcher Rankings

Pre-season rankings are never easy.  This seems especially true regarding the pitching position, which is evident by the discrepancy among lists ranking pitchers for the 2024 season.  All sorts of factors lead to fantasy success, but there are still clues from the 2023 season and offseason that allow us to make our best guesses of how things will shake out.  The issue is that there are a few that seem like sure things when it comes to pitchers.  After that, it gets a bit dicey to predict where players will end up by season’s end, but there are still those individuals that make more sense in investing in than others.

7 Fantasy Players That Ended Last Season Impressively Strong

Every single year some players start slow and take a bit of time to break out. Other players come into the season with little to no expectations and come out of nowhere to be a real difference-maker. Last season was no exception. Players who went into the season on the …