2020 NFL Draft Party Game

Written by Matthew Davidson
April 22, 2020

NFL Draft Game 2020

2020 NFL Draft Party Game

The highly anticipated 2020 NFL Draft is expected to be met with a large TV audience as sports as we know it has been put on pause due to COVID-19. While the NFL Draft is usually a huge event packed with rookies, coaches, and thousands of crazy NFL fans, this year's three-day event is 100% virtual. GM's will be setting up their war rooms in the comfort of their own homes as the NFL will conduct a fantasy football type version of the real NFL Draft. 

We here at FanatsyData want to enhance your viewing experience with this FREE NFL Draft Party Game! The game is made in such a way that even someone with little to no knowledge of this year's crop of NFL rookies can still play along while still making it difficult enough that a high score will be hard to achieve. 

Be safe, and enjoy the NFL Draft from your friends at FantasyData.

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