Fantasy Football Rankings 2024

1Israel AbanikandaNYJRB901221935.0RB106
2Yasir AbdullahJAXLB2391224LB227
3Ameer AbdullahLVRB981031773.0RB86
4Micah AbernathyATLDB2941227DB446
5Johnathan AbramNODB1921227DB306
6Kris Abrams-DraineDENDB3671422
7De'Von AchaneMIARB12622121.0RB51
8Davante AdamsLVWR14103116.0WR7
9Myles AdamsSEADL2431026DL197
10Tony AdamsNYJDB411225DB70
11Matthew AdamsNYGLB1911128LB219
12Montravius AdamsPITDL202929DL230
13Jamal AdamsTENDB62528DB45
14Jordan AddisonMINWR36622104.0WR37
15Adetomiwa AdebaworeINDDL1871423DL338
16Paulson AdeboNODB391225DB130
17Nate AdkinsDENTE1281425
18Nelson AgholorBALWR1021431818.0WR137
19McTelvin AgimHOUDL2771426DL252
20Ramiz AhmedWASK311428
21Salvon AhmedMIARB136625338.0RB94
22Brandon AiyukSFWR1692672.0WR31
23Cam AkersHOURB112142550.0RB20
24Jordan AkinsCLETE791032876.0TE60
25Jaire AlexanderGBDB731027DB65
26Maurice AlexanderDETWR233527671.0WR232
27Dee AlfordATLDB1881226DB85
28Josh AliATLWR2181225427.0WR179
29Rasheen AliBALRB831423
30Mo Alie-CoxINDTE521430770.0TE46
31Josh AllenBUFQB2122819.0QB1
32Davis AllenLARTE72623483.0TE76
33Braelon AllenNYJRB641220
34Keenan AllenCHIWR3873244.0WR22
35Brandon AllenSFQB110931808.0QB78
36Jonathan AllenWASDL461429DL8
37Kyle AllenPITQB87928738.0QB66
38Zach AllenDENDL281426DL33
39Tyler AllgeierATLRB421224102.0RB42
40Erick All Jr.CINTE641223
41Azeez Al-ShaairHOULB151426LB91
42Troy AndersenATLLB351225LB70
43Zayne AndersonGBDB3221027DB402
44Will Anderson Jr.HOUDL411422DL117
45Mark AndrewsBALTE3142830.0TE2
46Eli AnkouBUFDL2811230DL315
47Daijahn AnthonyCINDB2281223
48Felix Anudike-UzomahKCDL264622DL341
49Alex AnzaloneDETLB17529LB43
50Jalyn Armour-DavisBALDB2961424DB319
51Arik ArmsteadJAXDL481230DL92
52Cornell ArmstrongLVDB2461028DB370
53Dorance ArmstrongWASDL291427DL36
54Terrion ArnoldDETDB158521
55Grayland ArnoldPITDB241926DB325
56Brian Asamoah IIMINLB247624LB50
57Tutu AtwellLARWR117624428.0WR89
58Brandon AubreyDALK1729890.0K6
59Alex AustinNEDB3411423DB427
60Calvin Austin IIIPITWR118925297.0WR131
61Denico AutryHOUDL131434DL6
62Tre AveryTENDB311527DB315
63Chidobe AwuzieTENDB139529DB77
64Andre BaccelliaARIWR2591127861.0WR217
65Joe BachieCINLB2041226LB298
66Alex BachmanHOUWR2751028
67Michael BadgleyDETK15528285.0K34
68Tyler BadieDENRB1751424481.0RB114
69Tyson BagentCHIQB64724988.0QB71
70Emani BaileyKCRB92622
71Markus BaileyARILB2631127LB237
72Budda BakerARIDB161128DB1
73Javon BakerNEWR1031422
74Jerome BakerSEALB441027LB28
75Darrell Baker Jr.INDDB1531426DB150
76Daylen BaldwinMINWR2791224358.0WR239
77Corey BallentineGBDB2171028DB468
78Michael BandyDENWR2701426614.0WR250
79Deonte BanksNYGDB771123DB159
80Eric BanksTBDL1591126DL170
81Saquon BarkleyPHIRB552710.0RB7
82Christian BarmoreNEDL241424DL304
83AJ BarnerSEATE551022
84Zaire BarnesNYJLB1461224LB220
85Derrick BarnesDETLB97525LB93
86Krys BarnesARILB661126LB30
87Derek BarnettHOUDL1661428DL273
88Amaré BarnoCARLB2551125LB228
89Michael BarrettCARLB2001124
90Shaquil BarrettMIALB12431LB46
91Alex BarrettSFDL300930
92Cody BartonDENLB191427LB18
93Boogie BashamNYGLB2171126DL255
94Micah BaskervilleCHILB180724
95Tyler BassBUFK91227174.0K2
96Rashod BatemanBALWR721424123.0WR52
97Jake BatesDETK38525
98John BatesWASTE1071426509.0TE68
99Jessie Bates IIIATLDB31227DB44
100Jordan BattleCINDB421223DB236

Fantasy Football Rankings 2023

The following is our new NFL Fantasy Football Rankings page for the upcoming 2023 NFL Season. We have recently made some big changes to this page that our users are raving about! Let's go over some of the features we have to offer.

Average Draft Position Tracker

FantasyData's new rankings page has added metrics to help you research for your draft. We have added an ADP tracker, that records where players are being drafted in leagues and tracks their movement for you to see trends. Our ADP tracker also notes the highest and lowest in which a player has been drafted. We also have an average in which the player is being drafted. This takes the average draft position to a whole new level, as you aren't just seeing ADP as of one current day, but over a three-week time period. This allows getting a read on where the fantasy industry is taking him and allows you the drafter to be strategic on whether you should snag the player quickly because there is hype on the player, or wait as trends show his ADP falling, allowing you time to wait.

Fantasy Recap ADP vs. Finished

How it started, and how it went. FantasyData's ADP vs. Finished columns should hopefully put things in perspective when it comes to drafting our favorite fantasy players. You may not remember how every player did last season, so showing where they were going and drafts and where they finished the season will keep you grounded in terms of expectations, and maybe also give you a reality check if you remembered things differently.

Remember all the player names are links to their player page, so if you want to research what went wrong, or need a second look at a player that performed better than you remember, click away.

What Position Gets The Most Points in Fantasy Football?

Quarterback - This then leads to the follow-up question, Then why are quarterbacks not ranked higher in your Fantasy Football Rankings?

While the quarterback position does get you the most fantasy points, the running back position is arguably the most important position in fantasy football. The reason why is most fantasy leagues consist of 10 to 12 people, and you only need one starting QB in your fantasy lineup every week. With 32 NFL teams, there is plenty of QB's to choose from. Whereas you are required to start two running backs in your fantasy lineup. The quality of the top running backs drops off fast in the NFL, and the requirement of having to start two RB's every week drives their demand through the roof in fantasy football. This is why almost all Fantasy Football Rankings start with RB's.

A lot of fantasy football fans love to look at Fantasy Football Rankings, but don't fully grasp how to use them. They see a list of players and assume one is to simply pick players off the list at their fantasy drafts to build their team. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Due to the supply and demand, and value of certain positions, many people could make a mess of their draft without knowing some.

What is a Good Fantasy Football Strategy?

Wait On Drafting Your Quarterback - This strategy is the most common among all fantasy football drafters. With such a high demand on RB's and WR's the wait on QB strategy simply means you ignore the position until the 8th or 9th round. Use your Fantasy Football Rankings list of target RB's and WR's and draft a tier-two QB late to maximize the talent of your skilled players.

Zero RB Strategy - This fantasy football strategy means you get one elite RB in the first round and then draft wide receivers for at least the next four to five rounds, sometimes more. This strategy is aggressive and puts a lot of pressure on that elite RB, but this strategy allows you to go against the grain throughout the draft. While your league mates are fighting each other to hoard up as many RB's as possible, you are scooping up the elite WR talent. Once your team is stacked with WR's, you target a non-flashy RB that will get his goalline touches as your RB2. You essentially plug and play your RB2 based on matchup. In the event, you can pick up a waiver wire RB that turns out to be the next best thing, your team is then all of a sudden a juggernaut of value.

Stacking Bye Weeks - This is not a draft strategy that you can plan for pre-draft, but if you happen to notice early on in your draft that your player's bye week are all the same, you double down and draft more players with the same bye week. The strategy here is that your elite players are all off on a bye together for one week. This is essentially punting that one week as all your players are off. You accept the loss, knowing that your team will be full strength all season, where your opponents will constantly having players in and out all year. This strategy is rarer, and it should be noted that you shouldn't overlook talent at any point when on the clock. You should still continue to draft the best available using your Fantasy Football Rankings list.

Best Available - This strategy may be the subject of ridicule at a fantasy draft. The goal here is to heavily rely on your fantasy football rankings and get the best player available regardless of position. The goal here is to be active in trading throughout the season. Either overload at TE or QB and wait for the trade offers to roll in. This strategy relies more on the fantasy manager's ability to make trades, which is something that a lot of people love about fantasy football.